Stefan Glosnik

1. What's up?

- In fact, I can honestly say, everything is great. Of course, like always in life, there are some issues and the mind is trying to deal with all that, but… Never been better.

2. Show off something.

- After too many years of working too hard, I have finally managed to make a living with my creative work, doing only things that I love (or at least like). It’s a pretty amazing feeling.

3. Signature breakfast recipe.

- Lately I have been trying to improve my breakfasts, because they had been prepared in too much hurry before. I like to put some effort in them, slow down, make them look good. I don’t exactly have one signature breakfast - I like combining things like fresh tomatoes, fresh rucola, some sweet bread toasts with a lot of stuff inside, maybe sausages on the side? Warm croissant with something? Tofucznica? Sometimes I just make pizza, and that is also a great way to start a day.

4. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?
(No explanation needed but truly appreciated)

- I haven’t visited many cities, but… I really loved Tel-Aviv, pretty inclusive and happy city with a lot of artistic movements. London seems to be amazing, with sick jazz scene that I would like to get to know better from the inside. Maybe some European big cities, like Berlin or Copenhagen? There is still so much to visit.

5. A song that everybody should listen to at least once.

- Wow… That’s hard. There are so many iconic songs in the history of music, there are so many songs that changed my perception of music or even lifestyle. I’m gonna just click random and say: Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (12” single version) for it’s amazing sound, arrangement, and the social impact it had at the time.

6. Something special about your city.

- It has such a unique vibe, there are so many creative and visionary people here, not only in Gdańsk, but the whole Tri-city area. The people here, at least the people I observed, live a little slower than in other cities. It’s just so nice to live here, not because of the infrastructure etc., but the overall vibe. And the people visiting from other cities seem to agree with that.

7. In which one of your creative professions do you feel the best? Why?

- I feel the best when I have a chance to combine them, but it’s not always possible. I have been drawing my whole life, I used to take lessons for 7 years - that’s why I guess illustration is the profession I feel the best in. But to be honest, It depends on the project I am working on - sometimes a tattoo just goes smooth and easy, sometimes there is something amazing to direct and shoot, sometimes the design is just how I like it… But there is nothing like performing live music on stage.

8. Fav movie?

- Gotta go with Notting Hill.

9. Fav plant?

- I don’t know the name, but it’s mediterranean.

10. Fav restaurant? (fast-foods are welcome too)

- There are many contenders, but IKEA always wins.

11. What was your greatest childhood fear?

- I guess it was spiders and this weird crosseyed guy from my street.

12. Share us a life advice.

- Go easy on yourself and go to therapy.

13. You did everything you planned for today. What now?

- Was there ever a day like that?

14. Which hour is the best?

- The one when I don’t remember that time exists.

15. Something special about you.

- I have never smoked a cigarette.

16. Make a wish 🙂

- I wish everything goes well for every good soul out there.