National Health System Collective - Creative collective founded by Mateusz Zelga AKA anGelo & Miłosz Olkowski is project mainly focused on connecting people that does many different types of art and cultural stuff. We are circling around DJ-ing and music at general, visual arts, fashion. Since we’ve met for the first time we’ve always wanted to give people amazing experiences and some part of how we perceive the world and culture.


1. What’s up?
- Everything is a process. I think that the bulk of things, that are going on right now, are slowly getting clarified. I trust the process. It’s okay.

2. Show off something.
- I’ve managed to eat better lately. More regularly and healthier.

3. Signature breakfast recipe.
Scrambled eggs, a slice of good sourdough, Greek olive oil and a cup of hand pour over coffee.

4. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?(No explanation needed but truly appreciated)
- I would truly enjoy living in one of the European capital cities. Maybe Berlin.

5. Song that everybody should listen to at least once.
- Pyramids by Frank Ocean

6. Something special about your city.
- Architecture for sure. It is really difficult to find another so modernistic city in Poland such as Gdynia. It is a credit of low level of ponding after WWII and pretty young age of the city.

7. Favourite movie?
- „The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” by Wes Anderson.

8. Favourite restaurant? (fast-foods are welcome too)

9. Favourite fragrance?
- Lately Allure Homme Sport.

10. What was your greatest childhood fear?
- Probably spiders, I’m still afraid of them..

11. Share us a life advice.
- Don’t be so hard on yourself but at the same time try get out of the comfort zone.

12. You did everything you planned for today. What now?
- It depends on a situation and a context of a day. One time I’d smoke lil something, next time I’d eat a dinner in a fine restaurant with homies or go cycling. At general relax for me is enjoying the present moment.

13. Which hour is the best?
- 4:20 AM

14. Make a wish.
- I wish all the best for all real ones around and for myself 🙂