1. What's up?
- You've caught me moments after a short trip to the lake, so I've rested a bit but overall it's controlled chaos going on with me.

2. Show off something.
- I will fall asleep anywhere.

3. Signature breakfast recipe.
- The one and only sandwich with yellow cheese and GOAT ketchup - Kotlin z Piekła Rodem. Kitchen is not my place on Earth but I’m trying.

4. Choose your superpower.
- I’m a big fan of UK TV series called Misfits, so it has to be invisibility. Shout out for those who appreciate this masterpiece.

5. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?
(No explanation needed but truly appreciated)
- London. Can’t really explain why, in fact, I’ve never been there but I can imagine myself living there.

6. A song that everybody should listen to at least once.
- Ten Days of Falling by Shlohmo. Powerfully affecting, full of extreme emotions.

7. Something special about your city.
- Straight to the facts: Bydgoszcz is home to the largest city park in Poland, with almost 830 hectares of green space. On a European scale, this places it in the top ten. I've been there, I recommend it.

8. A thing that you can’t imagine living without.
- Back to question 3.

9. In which of your creative professions do you feel the best? Why?
- Animating. It brings together the whole process of drawing, typography, photos etc.

10.Favourite movie?
- Lost in Translation.

11. Favourite plant?
- Tea.

12. Favourite restaurant?
- Papa Diego (R.I.P)

13. What was your greatest childhood fear?
- Fear of getting lost in large open spaces. Oddly specific, I know

14. Share us a life advice.
- The way you perceive other people is indicative of yourself, not of them.

15. You did everything you planned for today. What now?
- ’I got your nose’ thing with my girlfriend.

16. Which hour is the best?
- That extra one added to your sleep time

17. Sth special about you.
- Damn, u tell me 🙂

18. Make a wish.
- So that we always want to know more and better.