1. What’s up?
-All Good, but bit stressed from making event in Fart (Bąk my cottage house)

2. As who would you describe yourself?
- I would describe my self as curious person that try’s exploring world in different ways and from different perspectives.

3. Show off something.
- I can move one eyebrow without moving another 😎

4. Signature breakfast recipe.
- Oats flakes with chocolate(that melts in hot oats), yogurt, peanut butter, banana and peach.

5. Choose your superpower.
- Being able to jump around trees and buildings like some kind of monkey.

6. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re
living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?
(No explanation needed but truly appreciated)
- Tokyo, I was there when I wass younger and I would like to experience it as adult, I appreciate their different culture.

7. Song that everybody should listen to at least once.
- Szał niebieskich ciał Maanam.

8. Something special about your city.
- It is close to nature.
I’m about 10 min from see and forest.

9. Something special about your favourite city.
- My best friends are here and I feel like I’m home. I can walk in flip flops 🩴

10. A thing that you can’t imagine living without.
- My heart 🫀

11. Where do you see yourself in your 50s?
- I see my self having stable life.

12. Fav movie?
- I do not have fav one, but recently I really enjoyed Holly Mountain Alejandro Jodorowsky.

13. Fav fragrance?
- My fav is one that my friend Zuzia uses but she doesn’t want to tell me the name…

14. Fav plant?
- Moss.

15. Fav restaurant? (fast-foods are welcome too)
- Vietnamese restaurant in Sopot.

16. What was your greatest childhood fear?
- Darkness.

17. Share us a life advice.
- Try to have grateful attitude to life and people, usually than things will workout.

18. You did everything you planned for today. What now?
- Meditate, read a book and go to sleep before 23.

19. Which hour is the best?
- One that feels great.

20. Tell us sth we don’t know.
- Trees in the Amazon make their own rain clouds.

21. Tell us sth we don’t know about you.
- I like rock climbing.

22. Something that makes u proud the most.
- That I don’t hate anyone.

23. Make a wish 🙂
- Good luck 😉

Kacper Ignaczak

My name is Kacper. I am studying Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. I make photos, videos, graphics and VJ. From an early age, I felt best as the explorer\creator. What's funny - my first iPhone 3Gs greatly impacted my development in this direction. At that time it was a toy with endless possibilities. I downloaded various apps and studied their functions. It didn't take long before I was completely engrossed in photography and filmmaking, as my friends were playing computer games I was editing photos or trying to create little movies. I felt like doing those things I used my full potential. Using new, unknown, mediums, to express my artistic visions, still gives me the same joy as before. I think it's a child's will to explore, that distinguishes my work from others. As older I get, I start to appreciate my openness to collaborations, new interactions and getting outside my comfort zone - escaping my own bubble to pursue common, initiatives. I have long dreamed of a suitable space for such activities. With time this dream is slowly becoming more and more real, as I and my friends created the SOCZEW association, which we assume to be an important tool and foundation for further actions for our group. I am curious about what direction it is going to take...