Maciek Urbańczyk

UPGARMENT is a project I started almost 2 years ago, it is basically an upcoming brand, which currently focuses on sharing my designs and perception about
clothing. It has been evolving through the pandemic period of time until now, equally and simultaneously with my personal style.

I believe garments shouldn’t be overshadowed by loud, thought-provoking statements or hollow graphics. The way you match tones, fabrics together, the way you present yourself in clothes ought to be intriguing itself.
Deciding to keep everything in oversized, often exaggerated silhouettes wasn’t accidental, random idea that came to my mind. During very initial phase of developing my personal style I’ve realised that I don’t want my clothes to enhance everybody’s appearance, attractiveness. I want them to cover body, make everyone else not think about a person’s figure and look first, but about the garment and the way people are matching pieces of fabric together.

Everything is being sewn by small companies located nearby my place, often only by one tailor. Through the last couple of months I’ve been studying fabrics and elevating my garments, thanks to that I am finally able to do what I wanted since the very start of Upgarment.
Although, I still haven’t shown majority of my samples and designs, I hope that this year will be particularly groundbreaking and that I would be able to entirely express myself by designing and styling garments.



1. What's up?
- Everything cool, pretty busy recently, but feeling fine.

2. Show off something.
- Hmm, I used to solve Rubik’s cube under 30 seconds when I was younger :0, my first real hobby and thing I enjoyed it very much.

3. Signature breakfast recipe.
- Don’t have one, I don’t consider myself as a great cook as a matter of fact. However, I truly enjoy preparing scrambled eggs occasionally.

4. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?
- Maybe Tokyo or Seoul, I would really love to experience life there, one year is probably adequate amount of time to estimate whether I would love to spend there the rest of my life or not. Nonetheless, I love the way people are dressing there, can’t even say how many instagram profiles I’m following from these regions. During that time I could elevate my personal style and perception of clothing even more :).

5. A song that everybody should listen to at least once.
- Between the bars by Elliot Smith, Adore Elliot’s whole music career so much, I could recommend his every single song.

6. Something special about your city.
- Literally nothing, I wish I could say something, but when I am forced to say anything positive about this place, it will be probably a lie. I live nearby my closest family, though, It is pretty much the biggest advantage of this location.

7. Favourite movie?
- American psycho directed by Mary Harron.

8. Favourite restaurant?
- I love Italian cuisine, especially Neapolitan pizza, we have a great place in Katowice, it’s called Vera Napoli, you should visit it one day :).

9. Favourite fragrance?
- I usually use my dad’s fragrances, so I don’t have my favourite.

10. What was your greatest childhood fear?
- I used to be scared of heights, to be honest I do not enjoy climbing, flying etc. until now.

11. Share us a life advice.
- I’m not sure whether I’m a proper person to share a life advice, but I’ll try. Appreciate every good person you’ve met in your life, treat them as you would love to be treated and learn from their successes and mistakes as much as it’s possible.

12. You did everything you planned for today. What now?
- Maybe just chill, lie around and watch a good movie.

13. Which hour is the best?
- It depends, in terms of working I would say 7/8 am, but when it comes to watching films 8/9 pm.

14. Sth special about you?
- Hmm, it’s hard to talk about yourself, I guess somebody else should say whether there is anything special about me.

15. Make a wish 🙂
- I wish everything is gonna be alright and as I imagined in the future 🙂