mROGL - 1994, living in Gdynia, originally from Białystok. Digital artist, graphic designer, VJ, video editor. Member of SEZON collective. Floating between the streets and the internet. Mostly interested in the street culture, post-humanism and the impact of a technology on a human life. Personally football freak and khachapuri lover.



1. What’s up?
- Same shit, different day.

2. Show off something.
- IDK, I'm a humble guy.

3. Signature breakfast recipe.
- Eggs, oat flakes, coconut shreds, sunflower seeds and some salt.

4. Imagine that you can pick one city to live for one year. You have no job but you’re
living on the same level as you are right now. What is your choice?
(No explanation needed but truly appreciated)
- Oslo, but I don't know why, even I've never been there, but something attracts me to this city.

5. Song that everybody should listen to at least once.
- I consider listening to music as very personal and individual issue.

6. Something special about your city.
- City center next to the seacoast. I just like sea.

7. Favourite movie?
- It's hard to choose just one and it changes through the time, but the most recent one, which I really enjoyed was 'Electric Dragon 80000V', crazy shit.

8. Favourite restaurant? (fast-foods are welcome too)
- All georgians bakeries.

9. Favourite fragrance?
- Air after a rain, fresh cut grass and Lalique Encre Noire.

10. What was your greatest childhood fear?
- Spiders and dentists.

11. Share us a life advice.
- Be a good guy.

12. You did everything you planned for today. What now?
- Long walk, good movie, learning new things.

13. Which hour is the best?
- 19:00. Not early, not late, just perfect.

14. Something special about you.
- I know a lot of curiosities and often tell them to the others with no reason.

15. Favourite football club?
- Hala Madrid!!!

16. Make a wish 🙂
- Wish you all good luck.